Monday, June 14, 2010

Seo & Link Building Techniques

You don't have to be a genius to know that in order to give your business proper exposure,you have to promote it. Building a website is just the first step in having a successful online business. But in order to really succeed you have to adopt the best link building strategy to promote your website in a search engine friendly manner. Search engines consider link popularity as an important factor to determine the ranks of the websites.

A website with quality links is likely to rank among the top ten results of the search engines. The way link popularity appears differs from search engine to search engine. You can find out the link popularity by typing “Link: domain name of the website” in any of the search engines. An easier alternative to find out the link information for a website is to download this tool. Its the tool many affiliate marketers use and you can grab it here . It tells you everything you need to know about the page rank, compete rank, and most importantly no.of back links.

You can devise an effective link building strategy to raise the link popularity of your website. You can incorporate three types of links for this purpose— internal, external and reciprocal links.
The links must be text links containing the keywords related to your website. This makes it easier for search engine spiders to find your links.

You can have a quality internal links and can get the pages of your website linked internally. The website is rated as a good quality website, if it has rightly placed internal links. The link building strategy also stresses up on the outgoing links. They make your website user-friendly. If you don't completely understand don't worry just visit this website for another tool that helps automate the entire process of getting good back links to your site

It is very important to link to the right sites. Use the firefox plug in to determine the page rank of sites before linking to them. Linking to sites with page ranks of 3 and above helps improve your website rankings drastically.

The inbound links are the most important for link building strategy. You can get other websites to link to your website by developing good content. According to the experts, content of a website is the primary decisive factor in link building. Others will be interested to link to your website, if and only if, you have a good content on it.

It is also important to get back links from your competitors sites. You can do this by posting coherent and non spammy comments and adding a link back to your website. If done properly link building with definitely pay off in the long run. Whenever you feel like smashing your computer because your link building efforts seem to be in vain and nothing seems to be working for you, just remember this...patience is virtue

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