Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Googles New Algorithm!!!

     Friends Google is Broken!!! Here is Why, the truth is Google is Smart, but not that smart. We (marketers, bloggers, Seo Companies, surfers) often make the mistake of giving Google too much credit. Don't get me wrong Google has some of the smartest minds working on their team, but the fact is, Google doesn’t have “everything figured out”. At its core, their algorithm is based on 3 simple and easily manipulated
variables…all of which will be revealed in this article.
Want to get your site ranked? It’s actually fairly simple once you have this figured out. The 3 major variable that Google is on the look out for are:

  •     Content (keywords, domain name, tags, etc) 
  •    Links (inbound, outbound, authority, etc.)
  •   Activity (traffic, RSS subscriptions, comments, updates, etc.)
 This is of course a rough overview of what is needed, however whenever the term SEO is mentioned this 3 major variables must be considered. So when it all comes down to it, getting ranked is really only about doing three things:
1. Getting quality
2. Generating a handful of , original content (Freelance.com, Odesk.com, textbroker.com)
3. Simulating some human activity so Google is aware that what you are doing is real and not just spam! links

   In June of 2010, Google added a new element to their increasingly-complex formula: Activity
To put it simply, Google is now factoring ACTIVITY more heavily in their rankings. The algorithm update, which Google aptly refers to as the “Caffeine Update”, places a much greater emphasis on activity and freshness,
In other words, great content and all the links in the world don’t mean SQUAT
if your page remains unchanged for days and weeks at a time.
Furthermore, tests have shown that sites that:
1. Get more blog comments…
2. Generate more RSS subscribers (esp. via FeedBurner.com, which for your informaiton is owned by Google…3. Get a bump in overall traffic…
…have a tendency to move up in the rankings faster and stay there longer.
So, that’s the new formula…
In order to make it to the first page of Google Content + Links + Activity
And if you’ve been watching Google over the last few years, it’s easy to see that they’ve been setting this up for quite some time.
All you have to do is analyze their recent acquisitions:
• In 2007, Google purchased FeedBurner for $100 Million. So why would Google spend so much money for an RSS aggregator that never made a penny? It’s simple: FeedBurner measures how many “subscribers” a given blog has, which one of the most accurate ways of determining HUMAN ACTIVITY.
• Recently rumors have been swirling about Google buying data from Alexa.com…a site that monitors web traffic. Why would they do this? Again, it’s an indicator of HUMAN ACTIVITY…
• The cost to create the Chrome Browser and purchase the technology behind Google Analytics was easily measured in the hundreds of millions and yet both were given away for free. Why would they do this? Are they really that kind-hearted? Give me a break! Google wants data on HUMAN ACTIVITY, and when you use these solutions you’re giving it all to Google.
     In order to make this work you have to apply these steps in the right order or else you are screwed.

1. Quality CONTENT
2. Quality INBOUND LINKS, and…
3. Measurable ACTIVITY.
A stark WARNING beware of total automation it can get you banned. Semi-automation is key.I don’t know about you, but I like to pick easy battles. That is why I have decided to list a  bunch of resources that will ease your  journey for #1 position in Google. Good Luck and remember to be wise in how you use these tools, you are responsible for your actions.

Perpetual traffic ( Ryan Diess)
Market Samurai (best keyword research tool. You get a 12 day free trial, and get to  pick easy niches to dominate)
Scarpe Box ( $57 well worth every cent. This can be used for white hat and black hat purposes to simulate activity to site. That's the tip of the ice berg) 


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