Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Words of Wisdom For Newbies

        I have been affiliate marketing for some time. I thought I'd share some words of advice; Be consistent!! If you are like me you probably get emails everyday from people trying to sell you that "best" new thing. I don't know about you but for me this did one thing for me...information overload.
           I had so many ideas of how I was going to use the hot new system to make myself filthy rich!! I would begin on one thing and then, guess what...the next best thing came along. You tell yourself that there is no harm in trying out this new system after all you are looking for multiple streams of income. Unfortunately that does not work. You leave the first system you began, half done and you already know what that does for you....nothing!!!!!! Absolutely nothing.
             To make matters worse the system you had was just rehashed information. It gave you the dots but never showed you how to connect those dots. Leaving confused...meanwhile everybody else and there grand mom seems to be making it big. You begin to wonder if something is wrong with you and then you probably give up.
           Recently I had to confront a hard truth-affiliate marketing is not easy...plain and simple. Don't get me wrong it is definitely easier than most 9-5 jobs out there, but unlike the gurus and those folks sending you emails suggest it takes effort. You are going to have to invest money and take risks plain and simple.Unless you have someone holding your hand it can take you years to make money online.
       This is my suggestion after you have found that system that works for you scale it up and build on it. Then be consistent very consistent. Most systems require a domain name and hosting that is just almost unavoidable so you are going to have to invest in those.

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